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What To Do Before Refilling Lexmark Printer Cartridge?

Lexmark Printers are peripherals known for their user accessibility and high-quality printouts. That being said, their ink cartridges are costly enough to be inaccessible to many of the printer users. To that end, refilling is the only salvation. But, can it done straight away? Well, there is no straight answer to this question. The reasons behind this are two:

  • The company won’t allow any thing that allows users to cut corners when it comes to sp[ending money
  • The internal printer chip makes it really difficult for the users to apply any sort of refill.

While the former reason is a matter of principle, the latter reason is a technical one. Therefore, the second reason can be bypassed by setting the ink levels. That is what we have to do here; resetting the levels is necessary before refilling the ink Cartridge.

Lexmark Support Australia Has A Method That Allows Users To Reset The Printer Easily

The process of completing this task is thankfully pretty easy. To be brief, the entire process can be done using either the driver software or the device itself. No matter what method you choose, rest assured that you that the following method will work and you can refill whenever you please

Process To Reset The Ink Levels

Using The Peripheral Driver

  • Open the program that reads “printer Solution centre” in the computer connected with the printing device
  • In the application, select the tab called “Maintenance”
  • Among the options available to you, navigate to and select “Install a new Printer” option.
  • Keep pressing the “Next” button to proceed until you reach the “Print the Alignment Page” window.
  • Once there, select the “Print” option. If the device detects refilled cartridges as legitimate, then there is no problem. Otherwise, you have to repeat the entire process

    Using The Device Itself

  • Remove the ink components, both the refilled and the new one from the device
  • Use the power button to turn off the peripheral. Leave it shut down for about 20 minutes.
  • Fire up the printer. In the process of startup, it will determine if there is any ink in the system or not.
  • Turn on the computer, and repeat the steps to “print the alignment page”. Do this about 3 to 4 times. It will get rid of the 5 most recent list of cartridge memory and will accept the new refill without any issue.
  • At times you might find that the above method is not entirely fool-proof. To tackle this situation, it is always better to bring in the experts. Just contact then using the toll-free Lexmark Support Number Australia 1800-431-355. These specialists will assist with the refilling issue in a much more detailed manner. Furthermore, if you still end up encountering issue, these specialists have access to the best and the most complete solutions.

Scope of Support for Lexmark Printer Repair

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